The Loxone smart home

Intelligent, Controllable, Customisable


The Loxone smart home

Intelligent, Controllable, Customisable


Features Overview:



Take control of your homes lighting, create stunning 'scenes' with dimmable and coloured lighting set exactly how you want.

Use motion sensors to bring on and turn off lights as you move from one room to the next. 





Intelligent heating control allows every room in your house to be at a different temperature that you prefer.

The Loxone system works with various heating solutions whether it be underfloor or radiator, boiler or heat pump.

Start saving on heating bills with energy efficient and intelligent heating control.


Security and Access:

Smart home security works in conjunction with the installed motion sensors, door contacts and music system to keep you and your property safe.

Flash the lights, raise the blinds and play loud music to warn intruders and alert neighbours.



Audio & visual:

Multi room audio allows different rooms to play individual music or play as one large group, perfect for parties.

Turn on your TV or home cinema system and dim the lights with a single switch.



Have your blinds or curtains independently controlled from room to room, have them automatically react to the sun and temperature levels, or simply open and close at dawn and dusk.



Make your home more efficient by monitoring energy use and solar production, Use excess produced energy to heat a hot water tank.

Lighting and heating are only used when needed and high energy devices can be automatically turned off when leaving the property helping you to be greener to the environment and save money.

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Phone and Tablet:

Take total control through a phone or tablet, Set up user customisable heating schedules, set lighting scenes and control your audio.

Simple and conveniant.