Dronfield Project


Dronfield Project



We were recommended to a fantastic couple by our long term friends and excellent builders R & E Grayson & Sons to install a Loxone system in a brand new super insulated SIPS house.

The Loxone smart home system perfectly compliments this advanced form of eco construction to further reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

We carried out all the design, installation and programming work for all the features of the smart home system such as lighting, music system and networking. We believe in doing all our own installation work to ensure the customers receive a smart home that works first time without issue and will continue to provide a stress free and reliable system over the years.


Main Automation Features

  • Multi colour LED strips in key areas.
  • 8 Zone music system.
  • Motion sensors to automatically control lights.
  • CCTV system.
  • Solar water heater.
  • Integrated security system.
  • Dimmable downlights.
  • Individual room heating control.
  • Automated roller blinds.
  • 24 Cat 6 Network points.
  • Ventilation control.
  • Energy monitoring.

Lounge / Kitchen / diner

This area is one large 10 meters long room surrounded with large glass windows.  Temperature control is a very important part of the project for the customers. The room has 3 individual under floor heating zones and each one is individually controlled by Loxone to create an even temperature balance from one end of the room to the other. The air temperature is read from the touch switches mounted in each area.

With the amount of glass and windows throughout the property we recommended automated roller blinds / curtains. These automatically open and close based on the daylight and they can even adjust automatically to try and control the temperature in the room. Xsys Automation now manufacture and fit our own blinds ensuring great fitment, operation and a competitive price. 

We also have mixture of Loxone's own low voltage down lights, Led strip lighting and normal pendents. Every type of light installed can have its brightness adjusted.




The upper bathrooms / en-suites have many great features enabled by the Loxone smart home system.

One area we are particularly happy with is the multi colour led down lights in the shower. We went the extra mile by designing and 3d printing down light mounts to vertically mount the lights on a vaulted ceiling. Each mount took approximately 9 hours to 3d print on our own machine. 

We take great pride in thinking outside the box and coming up with solutions that others would not consider.


Each bathroom / en-suite makes use of an electric under floor heating and a towel radiator. These work together to keep these rooms at a cosier temperature compared to the rest of the house.  The light switch in the room also has an inbuilt humidity sensor so we can sense if someone is having a shower and automatically speed up the house ventilation system to extract the humid air faster and also switch on the towel radiator for an hour to dry the used towels.



Bathrooms, main living areas and hallways have a motion sensor installed. It is a great feature and energy saver being able to walk through your home with the lights turning on and off automatically. We would always recommend installing motion sensors to get the most out of a Loxone smart home.


We provided the customers with an 8 Zone music system, we made this cost efficient for the customer by using a single amplifier and having a mixture of stereo zones in main areas and single speaker mono zones in bathrooms and child bedrooms. We did however install additional cabling for future proofing these rooms.

The customers receive great value from the audio system as it is used on a daily basis and it is capable of other great features such as the Loxone system informing the customers about certain items with its inbuilt speech function.

solar water heater

This system monitors the amount of energy produced by the solar panels and the amount of energy being used by the house. If there is a surplus of energy being produced then it will be used on an electric immersion heater located in the hot water tank, essentially heating the water for free.