2nd Penistone Project

This is the second large project that we have worked on based around the Penistone area. The project consisted of two cottages being knocked into one property and then extended. Once again we carried out all electrical and automation systems ourselves.


Main Automation Features

  • Multi colour LED strips in key areas.
  • Motion sensors to automatically control lights.
  • CCTV system.
  • Integration with the security system.
  • Dimmable downlights.
  • Individual room heating control.
  • Automated roller blinds.
  • Cat 6 Networking.
  • Distributed WiFi.
  • Generator back up supply.


The key rooms in the property have multiple light sources and light circuits allowing different Lighting moods/scenes. You can see an example of these different "moods" in the above slideshow. These moods are cycled through using a single simple button.
We can also choose specific moods depending on the time, how bright it is outside etc.
Motion sensors have been installed in hallways, bathrooms and the kitchen to control the lighting as efficiently as possible.

There are various types of lighting that Loxone can control from, 230v down lights, low voltage spot lights, pendents and LED strip lighting.  

The lighting has also been integrated into a third party alarm system, When the alarm is set the lighting in the property is turned off as well as the heating. when the alarm goes off then all the lights throughout the property flash.




The hot water is supplied by a oil boiler and from there the Loxone smart home system takes control. Temperature sensors are mounted in each light switch and each room has its own heating supply controlled via Loxone valves. This allows each room in the property to be individually controlled to different temperatures at different times. This is a much more efficient way of heating a large property instead of heating the whole house to heat one room. 


Networking and electrical Panels

We carried out all the networking throughout the property, this included networking to TVs, CCTV cameras and WiFi access points. 
Our preferred method of installing electrical panels is to build a false wall to contain all the cables, this allows one of the neatest quickest and cleanest ways of installing these large panels.
We carry out all our own electrical panel builds and installation work.